This page contains all the required information which will allow the submission of notices regarding any alleged copyright infringements. If the information on this page is followed, you will receive the fastest response to any submission. It should be understood that live streaming links are not allowed in the comments section, nor are they provided here, If any, they are official. Kindly refrain from sending out any notices in this regard, as they will simply be ignored for being irrelevant.

Audio/Video Removal Requests

The servers of this site does not host any of the videos. Before making any audio visual removal request ensure that that conformation can be provided that the content being reported is indeed hosted on www.icccricketvideos.com and not on an external website or server. “Hosted On” links are displayed under each video or in new tab which will enable you to check the location of where the video is being hosted. Each individual video can also be click, which will then point to the location of the original video host.

Should the video not be hosted on the site of server of www.icccricketvideos.com the best way to protect your rights who be to request a removal of the content from the host responsible for hosting the video who will then be the ones infringing your rights. If this request is approved, it will result in the removal of the said audio visual contest from www.icccricketvideos.com and any other sites and or search engines that may have indexed the content from www.icccricketvideos.com.


Content hosted at www.icccricketvideos.com

For any claims relating to Audio/Visual/Test/Design/Images hosted on the servers of www.icccricketvideos.com, please Contact Us at This Page. Please rest assured that we are in full compliance with the Digital Millennium Copyright Act and will comply with any request made should it be relevant.

When submitting your request, please not the following:

We will only reply to notices of copyright infringement that comply with the Digital Millennium Copyright Act. Should you feel that any content used on the website www.icccricketvideos.com has broken the above mentioned copyright law, kindly provide the following information when submitting your request:

  • An electronic of physical signature of the person/authority who will be acting on behalf of the owners of the material in question.
  • A full description of the content in question, or if multiple works are suspected, a representative list of all content.
  • Please be informed that you will be held liable for all damages which will include all costs and attorney’s fees if the material and content question misrepresent that a file infringes on any form of copyright.
  • A full physical contact address, contact telephone number and email address.
  • A statement on your behalf that you have belief in good faith that the disputed use is not authorizes by the content owner, their representative or the law. A statement made by you that all information is accurate and that you are the copyright owner, or acting on the behalf of the copyright owner.