Cricket Live Scores

Played on 28 March, 2017
New Zealand vs South Africa
New Zealand 489/10 v South Africa 314/10 & 80/5 *
India vs Australia
India 332/10 & 106/2 * v Australia 300/10 & 137/10
Victoria vs South Australia
Victoria 38/2 & 487/10 * v South Australia 287/10
Marylebone Cricket Club vs Middlesex
Marylebone Cricket Club 151/10 & 332/10 v Middlesex 179/10 & 275/7 *
India Unders vs Malaysia
India Under-23s 167/3 * v Malaysia 163/9
Sri Lanka Unders vs Afghanistan Emerging Team
Sri Lanka Under-23s 320/6 v Afghanistan Emerging Team 285/10 *
Bangladesh Unders vs Nepal
Bangladesh Under-23s 257/9 v Nepal 174/10 *
Pakistan Unders vs Hong Kong
Pakistan Under-23s 327/4 v Hong Kong 79/10 *
Afghanistan vs Ireland
Afghanistan 357/6 * v Ireland
Sri Lanka vs Bangladesh
Sri Lanka 311/10 * v Bangladesh
Cambridge MCCU vs Nottinghamshire
Cambridge MCCU v Nottinghamshire 238/5 *
Glamorgan vs Cardiff MCCU
Glamorgan 122/1 * v Cardiff MCCU
Gloucestershire vs Durham MCCU
Gloucestershire 197/2 * v Durham MCCU
Kent vs LeedsBradford MCCU
Kent 250/4 * v Leeds/Bradford MCCU
Oxford MCCU vs Surrey
Oxford MCCU v Surrey 254/4 *
Leicestershire vs Loughborough MCCU
Leicestershire 194/10 v Loughborough MCCU 15 *

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