Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions


Please not that all text, images, photographs, website design and interface, and all other content on the website www.icccricketvideos.com are owned and licensed by www.icccricketvideos.com to the full extend as provided for by international copyright laws and the Digital Millennium Act. The viewing and browsing of the website www.icccricketvideos.com is open for public use, but the copying of any content directly from the site is strictly prohibited. This will include the direct copying of text, images or videos for any distribution, displaying or transmitting any content from out site for any purposes whatsoever. All information and content on the website www.icccricketvideos.com are for information purposes only. Any copying of any material form the website www.icccricketvideos.com without the prior written consent of the owners is strictly prohibited.


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Individuals will make use of the website www.icccricketvideos.com under the following conditions regarding conduct on the site:

  • icccricketvideos.com will not be tolerate the submissions of third party information which will relate to trade marks, copyright or privacy issues.
  • Any material that is found to ne ethically, racially, indecent, offensive or defamatory will not be tolerated on icccricketvideos.com
  • The unsolicited or unauthorized use of any advertising or promotional materials, e.g. surveys pyramid schemes and chain letters will not be tolerated on icccricketvideos.com and all contend in this regard will be removed.
  • You should at all-time not make use of any conduct that would inhibit any other user form using icccricketvideos.com

When submitting any information to the website via the comments section, ensure that you own the rights to the content and any information that you share via the website www.icccricketvideos.com